The Beverley Bench & Chair

Traditional, durable, beautifully hand built.

The Beverley wooden memorial bench range provides a stylish yet deceptively comfortable form of outdoor seating, which is solid enough to withstand the rigours of the park or larger garden. It is a design that is exclusive to Woodcraft UK. Introduced in 1989 the Beverley was Woodcraft UK’s first bench design, and its popularity provided a clear indication of the company’s future success.

The Beverley range combines comfort and style while still possessing sufficient solidity to withstand the rigours of regular use – a characteristic that makes it the perfect choice of seating for public parks as well as domestic gardens.

Available with the options of straight top and front rails or shaped rails. Also at no extra cost, it is available with square arms or flat arms.

The Beverley Bench

Style and sturdiness are equally important considerations for garden furniture, and Woodcraft UK’s Beverley chair blends these two elements perfectly. Inspired design and a slightly lighter construction give the Beverley seat an air of elegance, while strength is ensured through the application of the skilled craftsman’s techniques. The Beverley can be supplied either as a chair or as an armchair version with square or flat arms, and high seat and lower seat versions are also available for those requiring an additional degree of comfort and convenience.

With the Beverley outdoor chair, Woodcraft UK prove that elegance and sturdiness are not mutually exclusive, for this model of garden furniture has both in abundance.

The Beverley seat can be supplied either as an outdoor chair, or as a garden armchair version with square arms (as shown) or with flat arms.

Size options

Standard seat lengths: 4ft (1.2m), 5ft (1.5m), 6ft (1.8m).

The Beverley wooden memorial bench is a perfect piece, which can be used as a hardwood commemorative seat, memorial bench, wooden park bench, allotment seating and a wooden garden bench.

Base unit pricing

The prices here are for standard units with standard arms and top rails.

For prices concerning alternative arms, top rails and engraving please
contact us or use the simple quote form on this page.

CHAIR £198
4' BENCH (1.2m) £518
5' BENCH (1.5m) £566
6' BENCH (1.8m) £612

Please note: All prices are subject to VAT.